Thursday, July 21, 2011

MoMA exhibits my animation project GENTRIFICATION BATTLEFIELD

Wow! The exhibition 'Talk To Me' in the New York Museum of Modern Art will feature a project that I created the animation for, after a concept by Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer @ Golfstromen, with music by the upcoming dutch chiptune talents of Men of Mega.

Link to animation on MoMA website here:

The animation is called 'Gentrification Battlefield' and it's a simulation of a real-time strategy video game, where you can choose sides between either the hipster gentrifiers or the inhabitants whose neighbourhood is being invaded.

I'm really proud to hear they are going to exhibit it!

in other news...
SEPP & SCHRODT artwork

After a long period working of different projects which I'm not allowed to publish yet, I have made some new pixel artwork that I can show you.

The final artist portrait for the 'Eindbaas' documentary: Sepp & (Markus) Schrodt!

Now, Elte Hartland and I are going into the final phase of animating all the different artwork together so it can be fit into the Eindbaas documentary. On july 29 we're planning to make the final cut of the documentary and seal the deal!

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